• Anthony Guinchard

RETROTAPE / Kung Fury made in Switzerland

Tanguy Guinchard is back in the game with a brand new short film: RETROTAPE

Midway from science-fiction and martial arts movie, Retrotape is an action comedy short film made by action lovers. Retrotape has originally been made has a tribute to the 2015 Swedish comedy short film «Kung-fury». Retrotape does indeed make a serious wink to David Sandberg’s master piece and builds its storyline in a parallel universe. Can we then describe Retrotape as a «Kung-fury Fan Film»?

The story takes place one year after the Kung-fury story, in a world in which a limited edition of the Kung-fury VHS tape has been released. The main character enters an alley and proceed to a VHS trade. Things doesn’t go as expected and a fight breaks out.

The film is creating a whole virtual universe shot in a 10 meter square garage box. The movie was entirely shot on green screen, as a homage to Kung-fury, it adopts the same visual style.

However, Retrotape has a new visual approach for shooting action in the «Kung-fury style». «We wanted to do make the same but different, by shooting action scenes with more dynamic camera movements and trying to immerse the viewer into a fight sequence in a different way».



Production company:

Original Kung-fury film:

The whole fil was shot in this garage

Shooting cast and crew from left to right: Mark Zheng, Dimitri Vujicic, Charles Gastault, Eliot Lucas, Maxime Perrin, Sarah Giacomin, Jo Millar, Tanguy Guinchard, Clémentine Duruz, Nina Paudex, Anthony Guinchard, Micha Hurni

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